Miley Cyrus’ ‘Gypsy Heart Tour’ concludes

From portraying a school girl and an undercover pop star on screen in Hannah Montana, to becoming an actress and an international pop sensation in real life, Miley Cyrus has had a dream run. The 18-year-old American singer concluded her concert tour – ‘Gypsy Heart Tour’ – in Perth, Australia recently.

Gypsy Heart Tour was Miley’s third concert tour after the Best of Both Worlds Tour and the Wonder World Tour. The tour which was primarily conducted for the promotion of her studio album Can’t Be Tamed, began on April 29, 2011, in Quito, Ecuador and ended on July 2, 2011 in Perth, Australia.

Interestingly, the promotions for Gypsy Heart Tour brought Miley Cyrus back on twitter. It’s a notable fact that her twitter account is by the name of @mileycyrus! Miley had earlier quit twitter in 2009 owing to the fact that the tabloids were employing her tweets as news for their stories!

Well, amidst all the Gypsy Tour concerts in South America, North America, Asia and Australia, what didn’t leave Miley alone were controversies! From the braless photos tweeted by her (where she intended to show her pigtails but the journalists saw something else!) to the leaking on the web of her topless photo while getting tattooed, to the paparazzi clicking her and her mother in bikinis at a beach in Brazil, Miley encountered it all!

But what followed all these controversies was the successful completion of her tour! All the venues witnessed a jam-packed attendance.

Well, we feel that there is nothing wrong if controversies surround Miley! Because first of all she is a teenager and is free to make mistakes at this age; we all do! And secondly, everyone knows that what lies behind this controversy-prone girl is a powerhouse of talent!